Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My reflection on the walkathon!


Reflections for Walkathon

Today we had our walkathon to practice our walks that we are going to have on camp.

Something I enjoyed was having a walk out of school and it was the longest walk I have ever had. 6 km. I had a great team which were keeping up with each other and helping them on the way too.

Something I was not pleased with was how exhausting the walk was, My thighs started hurting on the second lap.

Something I learnt was to stick together with the group that you have and make sure you have the proper gear for a walk too.

The time my group finished was 1 hour and 15 minutes!
Our group was named the Titans!


  1. Cool Hemani. I thought getting out of school was fun two.

  2. Your tagxedo looks great Hemani.
    and well done on the walkathon.

  3. Wow!
    I like the tagxedo, you did a great job on it.
    What made you chose the bomb shape?
    Your reflection was great too.
    Fantastic work!

    1. I just wanted to chose that shape!
      And thanks for commenting too

  4. Awesome Hemani!
    What a fast time.
    Our group finished 3 minutes after the Titans.
    Well done:-)

    1. Wow Hannah your group finished just after us.
      Your group did well to!

  5. How cool Hemani.
    The tagxedo looks
    really great.
    And the style
    looks amazing.
    Well done.


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